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CER.live cryptocurrencies’ security data have been integrated into Baserankimage

CER.live cryptocurrencies’ security data have been integrated into Baserank

The number of data platforms trusting CER.live keeps on growing. Following the integration of CER cryptocurrencies’ security score into CoinGecko, these data have been added to Baserank. The overall score of projects displayed on Baserank will now include the security component.   

The global cryptocurrency market is experiencing a real winter season. Major cryptocurrencies have lost even much more than 50% of their value since May 2022. Crypto is a cyclical market in which winter season is followed by an upward trend or even a bull run. So, investors are actively thinking about buying virtual assets at low. 

But how to make a correct choice? Is it possible for a retail investor to conduct a high-quality analysis of hundreds of assets simultaneously? No, but there are specialized platforms estimating crypto assets based on certain criteria and data aggregators compiling ratings of crypto assets. 

Baserank is a trusted crypto asset rating that has been evaluating the risks of specific crypto assets since 2020. Baserank divides crypto assets into three big categories: low risk, medium risk, and high risk assets. With a special focus on integrity, Baserank’s score given to crypto assets is based on data received from at least 3 independent sources. 

CER.live security reviews available at Baserank can be found here.

CER.live product owner Kostiantyn Oleshko has admitted the crucial role of security in the token selection process: “Security of a specific crypto asset should be always considered by investors prior to making a buy decision. Upon looking at the security score given to a project by CER.live, an investor can realize whether this project takes security seriously”.

The integration of CER.live data into Baserank is the confirmation of the growing role of cybersecurity in Web 3.0. Those projects that deliver real game-changing solutions to the market while caring about their security will surely survive the crypto winter. 

About Baserank

Crypto Asset Research Platform with the mission to help investors save time researching crypto assets, avoid dead projects or scams, and find crypto unicorns that have the potential to disrupt entire industries. We do this by providing crowdsourced, easy-to-understand crypto asset ratings – Baserank Rating™. All ratings are based on independent research that is aggregated from leading rating agencies, independent analysts, and experienced investors.

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About CER.live

CER.live is a cybersecurity ranking and certification platform that performs security assessments of crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies. The platform has already evaluated the security of 300+ leading crypto exchanges and 1,500+ cryptocurrencies. Since 2020, the platform has been a trusted partner of CoinGecko.

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