Cryptocurrency Rankings by Security

Compiled by a team of independent experts who analyzed tens of security indicators, this comparable rating offers the most objective security score for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies Rating is integrated into CoinGecko. Explore full methodology.


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CER compiled Cryptocurrencies Rating to provide investors with a go-to instrument for evaluating the trustworthiness of projects. Creating accurate, objective, and comparable security ratings of exchanges and cryptocurrencies is how we promote trust, transparency, and protection in Web3.0.

CER’s team of knowledgeable experts and white hackers has analyzed 1,500 cryptocurrencies, including DeFi projects, wallets, blockchains, tokens, CeFi, and platforms. All indicators can be categorized under these three categories: preventive security measures, past cases of hacks and exploits, and project credibility.

For each project, we look at whether the token has been audited and evaluate its relevance. Then, we look if the crypto project has actually followed through with recommendations and fixed known bugs. This is a representative indicator of the project’s attitude towards security. We also look at the availability of crypto insurance. We study known incidents and check whether the team behind cryptocurrency is public. We have made our evaluation methodology of cryptocurrencies with a complete scoring system publicly available.

Contact our team and learn how to improve the security level of your crypto project and increase its rating.


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