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Cybersecurity Ranking and CERtification Platform

All security reviews and assessments perform according to a unique and constantly improving methodology consists of 18+ indicators, based on the best practices of cybersecurity protection, and conducted by the team of high-skilled researchers and white hackers.

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Why CER?_

Since 2018, we have reviewed 270+ crypto exchanges and performed dozens of complex security assessments of well-reputed exchanges, resulting in the CER score has become an important indicator of trust for tens of millions of crypto users around the world. We keep our hands on the latest trends, monitor deep and dark internet to understand why and how hacking accidents occur in order to predict and prevent future attacks.

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Rating that trusted by 20M+ CoinGecko users_

In July 2020, cybersecurity data provided by CER.live platform became a part of CoinGecko’s TrustScore

Impact on CoinGecko TrustScore

TrustScoreCybersecurityscoreCoinGeckoTrustScore<55–77–88–10011.52====CoinGeckoTrustScore105.<55–77–88–10011.52====5.0Liquidity2.01.0ScaleAPI coverageCybersecurity

Tying in with the fact that crypto exchanges have substantial monetary holdings, their ability to maintain a secure operational environment becomes a very important evaluation criteria

  • “CoinGecko has wanted to work closely with a cybersecurity company to incorporate exchanges cybersecurity score since introducing Trust Score in May 2019, but the firm did not manage to find any suitable partner to help us with this endeavor until now.

    Bobby Ong
    Bobby OngCOO, CoinGecko
  • ”Hacken and our CER.live initiatives are here to help educate and protect the community against malicious actors and hackers. We are strictly impartial and independent in our assessments, and we are confident that CER will be more and more important moving forward.”

    Dyma Budorin
    Dyma BudorinCEO, Hacken Group

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